Recommended Protocols

G8Check is a Health & Safety Protocol Management company that has specialized in understanding the specific challenges in the entertainment industry. We at G8Check consider each person on a film set to be a partner in our collective efforts to make each day at work a safe one. We respectfully ask that everyone cooperates with our staff and understands that we truly are “all in this together” and that we consider your health & safety our utmost priority.


Our advisory board is made up of medical and industry professionals who are experts in Covid Era safety. We’ve developed our recommended protocols based on their advice in conjunction with the advice of familiar international groups like the WHO, CDC, & OSHA


The Health Safety Officer (HSO) at your workplace is the lead of your Health and Safety Department. Your Employer has assigned the HSO to make sure that everyone in your workplace is adhering to the protocols of the Health Safety Plan. The training and certifications that your HSO has received qualify them as a Covid-19 Compliance Officer (C19CO). Your Health Safety Officer will: Monitor social distancing and enforce zone compliance, confirm correct use of PPE, maintain compliance logs and data used in contact tracing, supervise regular cleaning of common areas and record frequency/type of product used, generate project completion reports, and manage isolation of incidents.


All team members are reminded that we are all in this together. Please use Common Sense safety practices. If you feel ill, please stay home. We no longer live in the “push through it” world. The risks are too high. The best way to ensure a safe set? Be a part of the solution.  If you see something you don’t feel is safe, say something. The Health Safety Officer is there to help. Any comments will remain anonymous.

On Multi Day shoots, personal responsibility dictates minimizing risk of exposure as much as possible. Avoid large groups, and wear appropriate face coverings any time you are in public. Please inform G8Check of any possible exposure as soon as possible so we may take the appropriate steps to mitigate the exposure of others.


Prior to arrival on set you must complete a pre-employment survey. It is recommended to self test your temperature the evening before and morning of the shoot. Before arriving on set you should inform us if you have exhibited symptoms.


There will be a CHECK-IN G8 at the entrance to the shooting location.

Please remember to maintain at least 6′ of separation at all times, and follow the directions for check in location.


Please present your valid PHOTO I.D. to the G8 Agent, who will confirm receipt of your Pre-Work Survey, take your temperature, confirm the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment is in place, and provide your badge. Your badge must be visible at all times.

In the event your temperature is higher than 99.6, you may have the opportunity to re-test if no other symptoms are visible. After a 15 minute break in a cool environment, a re-test can be taken to rule out non- illness related factors, such as intense heat or exertion. If a crew member has been working in the hot sun, there may be a higher than normal reading. The temperature of a healthy person will not continue to read high after a break. If a second test is high you will be privately excused from set and directed to contact your health professional. 

Temperatures may be taken at sporadic intervals over the course of the day.


In the event that a crew member is not granted access to set due to a display of symptoms or high temperature, G8Check maintains anonymity and does not share any medical information outside the G8check team. In addition, the G8Check team does not maintain any medical information beyond the shoot. Medical privacy taken extremely seriously and is handled with the utmost care.


Face Masks
There are a variety of facial masks available that provide varying degrees of protection. Facial masks and coverings are the #1 recommended way to avoid transmission of Covid. 

G8Check recommends AirQueen masks. They provide 95+ coverage and are extremely comfortable and breathable.

Masks should sit securely around your nose and mouth without air gaps.
If you have facial hair, your mask should cover it without being uncomfortable or causing air seepage.

Face Shields
In addition to masks, eye protection or face shields are recommended. Face shields should be sanitized regularly, at least at the beginning and end of each day.
Gloves Gloves are not recommended for general use as they create a false sense of security and reduce hand washing. People that should use gloves are: those with direct contact to the talent, anyone handling food,  cleaning, and anyone who needs to make direct contact with another human being for any reason. Gloves should be applied immediately before contact and removed after.
Do not “wash” gloves or use hand sanitizer, but instead dispose of them and apply new gloves.
When applying the glove, hold from the wrist band and avoid touching your own skin as much as possible.
To remove the glove, pull from the wrist, avoiding touching your own skin, and pull in a way that turns them inside out. Wash your hands after removal.
Please wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water at extremely regular intervals: when arriving to set, after sneezing, coughing, nose blowing, touching doorknobs or door handles, making physical contact in anyway with another person, eating, drinking, and especially after using the restroom. If you are not close to an available hand washing station, you may use hand sanitizer. If you are not able to locate a hand wash station or hand sanitizer, please look for a G8Check representative who may assist you.
ZONES & Pods

You will be assigned to a Zone and will remain in that zone throughout the job.

ZONES: The crew group to which you are assigned.

PODS: The people within that ZONE with whom you are in “close” or physical contact. This will likely be your department or ideally a smaller group within your department.

  • BLUE ZONE – This is the most protected zone on your shoot. This zone will include those who are required to have direct physical contact or work within 6′ of the talent. Areas on the MAP designated BLUE ONLY (including Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe, Dressing Areas, and Blue Restrooms) should not be entered FOR ANY REASON by personnel who are not assigned to the BLUE ZONE


  • GREEN ZONE – The GREEN ZONE represents the areas in and around set to which the majority of the Crew will be assigned. While PPE will be required at all times, it may be necessary for members of the GREEN ZONE to be within 6’ of each other. Please keep this close contact to a minimum. Outside of these moments of close contact, please maintain at least 6’ of spacing when possible.
  • YELLOW ZONE – This zone will encompass areas that are not in direct contact with set, like base camp. Vendors and other people that are a part of the crew but do not require access to the active set will be members of this zone.
  • SPACING – While any member of the BLUE ZONE is present, please respect at least 12’ of distance or more at all times. Additionally, BLUE ZONES may be indicated on a location.
While PPE will be required at all times, it may be necessary for GREEN ZONE PODMATES to be within 6’ of each other. Please keep this close contact to a minimum. Outside of these moments of close contact, please maintain at least 6’ of spacing when possible.

Avoid all physical contact.  No hugs, no high 5s, no handshakes.

Please use Common Sense Best Practices in regard to distancing. 

Adherence of zone guidelines is REQUIRED. Lack of compliance will result in the revoking of permission on set.
video village

If video playback is available on set, separate viewing stations should be made available to accommodate separate viewing for those whose visual input is required. Do not approach a viewing station unless your visual input is required. Do not crowd. If your input is required but no available viewing stations are available without crossing zone / pod barriers, please work with G8Check and production for a solution.


When possible, crew should arrive separately.

When a shuttle is necessary, 1 passenger per row is recommended, sitting in a staggered formation. Transport PODS together when possible. While in the van face coverings are required. Drivers are to wear face covering for 15 minutes prior to passenger entering vehicle. Vans should be sanitized at regular intervals. Door handles should be sanitized in between each group of passengers. Windows should be left down for maximum ventilation.


When catering / craft services are provided, meals and snacks should be packaged individually. Only individually packaged utensils will be available. 

No Buffet Style food or shared drink dispensers will be available.

Coolers should not be utilized. Sealed individual drinks to be distributed by masked /gloved professionals. If a large water cooler is available on set, it is only to be touched by a masked gloved craft service attendant. 

When Breaking for meals. PODS should be sent on break together with other PODs separated by at least 12’. Individuals within pods should be at least 6’ apart. Masks should be worn as much as is feasible during meals & breaks.


When working with talent, always wear gloves if you will be making physical contact of any kind. When contact is completed, dispose of gloves.

Talent is required to follow all guidelines, with exceptions being made when a face covering is not possible. Talent must maintain at least 12’ distance of any person not included in the Blue Zone, especially when not wearing face covering.

Only 1 talent will be allowed in dressing area at a time.

Within the talent POD, at least 6’ space must be respected. If masks are not worn there should be 12’ spacing from each other, unless performing a scene


If possible, avoid having minors on set. If it is a requirement, Minors must stay in direct eyesight of their guardian at all times. School should be held outdoors when possible and be 12′ from any other personnel when possible. Minors should be allowed “mask free” breaks in an isolated area far away from anyone besides their guardian. Minors will only be allowed in very specific blue zones. When Minors are on set, all other personnel must respect at least 12’ distance, with the exception of fellow talent when performing a scene.

Wardrobe: All wardrobe rental items will be cleaned before and after use. Only 1 talent will be allowed in dressing area at a time. Only the wardrobe stylist or dresser and talent should handle the clothes at any time. Glasses and jewelry must be appropriately disinfected.
Props: All props to be disinfected before and after being touched by Talent. Only the Prop Master and Talent may handle props.

Hair & Makeup: Only 1 brush / applicator per talent per day. All tools must be sanitized between use or be disposable.  All combs, hairbrushes, and other tools to be sanitized between use. Talent to remove their own makeup to reduce contact.


Personal items should be left off set if possible. Any personal items that must be brought onto set should be wiped down and sanitized before entering and after leaving set. It is also recommended to sanitize any items you may come onto contact after leaving set, car handle, steering wheel, etc. 


As a general policy no visitors should be allowed on set. In the event a visit is necessary, prior arrangements MUST be made and the same protocols must be followed. Visitors will not be allowed access to any blue or green zones.


Any deliveries must be arranged with your G8Check team. Delivery personnel will not be granted access to set. The G8Agent will arrange to transfer the items to your department, and will discuss sanitization of the items.


In the event of a high temperature or showing of symptoms, the crew member in question will be isolated and directed to their health professional for further testing and treatment. As anonymity is highly important, the identification of the party will not be disclosed.

Steps will be taken to isolate anyone that has been in contact with that party and depending on the amount of exposure, the pod may be replaced.

Keeping with efforts to minimize exposure, in the event of non compliance to zone assignments or other guidelines,  set access permission will be revoked. All incidents will be included in End of Day / Week / Project reports.


Contact tracing will be utilized to track contact between crew including zone assignments and Pod groupings. This information will remain on the G8Check encrypted servers. 


All projects will include an end of day / end of week / end of project report. Included in these reports will be information regarding the cleaning and sanitization practices on set, including the timing and type of products used. These reports will also include any zone violations, and if any access permissions were revoked. As a reminder, G8Check takes medical privacy seriously, so any medical reasonings for removal will remain anonymous.

thank you

We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Your safety is our priority.