Red Light Protocols

G8Check is dedicated to keeping your project Safe, and Healthy. Unfortunately, in the current COVID Era, Positive cases are occurring frequently.  Below you will find G8Check’s Red Light Protocol recommendations to easily navigate these issues.

Depending on the timing of the Positive Case or Symptom onset, our recommendations for the Uncleared Team Member (UTM) are as follows:

If any Team Member is medically determined to be exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms during a workday, follow ISOLATION, SANITIZATION, and TESTING / RE-TESTING Protocols, described below. If the Team Member then tests Positive for COVID-19, follow POSITIVE TEST Protocols.


UTM must not report to work. If already on site, enact Isolation and Sanitization Protocols.

If the UTM is symptomatic, they should contact their Health Care Provider for treatment. If the party does not have a personal Physician, G8Check would be happy to make a recommendation. 

The UTM must recount all activities regarding close contacts within the previous SEVEN days, specifically those that include other members of the workplace. 

Contact Tracing will be conducted discreetly without exposing the identity of the UTM. 


After the initial Positive test, a 2nd test should be conducted for confirmation. This should always be a High Complexity (not Rapid) PCR.

If the 2nd test is:

POSITIVE the result is confirmed positive.

NEGATIVE a 3rd test will be conducted. This 3rd test will confirm the Positive or Negative status.


A designated Isolation area must be designated at each worksite. In the event a UTM receives a Positive result while at work and is unable to immediately vacate the premises, they and their personal belongings must remain in the Isolation area until they are able to do so. 

If the UTM is unable to self – drive, private or medical transport should be arranged. 

After a Positive test result, individuals who are 100% Asymptomatic must remain in Isolation for a minimum of FIVE days. If symptomatic, G8Check recommends remaining in isolation for 10 days + 24 hours symptom free with no medication. 


The UTM’s work areas, other areas recently accessed by the UTM, and any tools, equipment, or or personal belongings left behind, should be immediately disinfected utilizing an EPA certified solution and to eliminate COVID-19.


After a Positive result: 

If ASYMPTOMATIC, the UTM may return to work on the 6th day after the initial Positive test, after 5 days of Isolation.       

If SYMPTOMATIC, G8Check recommends the UTM Isolate for 10 days + 24 hours with no symptoms without medication. They may return to work once cleared by a Doctor. If the UTM does not have a private Physician, G8Check can make a recommendation. 


Exposure is described as any individual in close contact, within 6 feet, of a UTM for more than 15 minutes over the course of a 24 hour period, within 48 hours of the UTM’s Positive test result or when they began exhibiting symptoms. Within and outside of these specifications, a Close Contact situation shall be determined on a case by case basis. 

If the Exposed Party is: 

FULLY VACCINATED, ASYMPTOMATIC, with a Negative Test Result, they may continue to work, exercising heightened safety protocols. They should re-test on the 5th day after Exposure. 

NON-VACCINATED, they must Isolate and test on the 5th day after Exposure.

If the Close Contact individual is at the Workplace when notified, they and their belongings must vacate immediately and SANITIZATION Protocol must be enacted. 

PRIvacy & notifications

All parties who were on site while a UTM was present will be notified. Those who were in Close Contact will be notified and processed as such. 

Any parties who are uncomfortable may voluntarily leave work for the day without recourse.

The identity of the UTM will not be revealed to any party that is not absolutely necessary. 

In the event that 3 or more Positive cases occur within 14 days, the appropriate governmental officials must be notified. 

thank you

We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Your safety is our priority.