Health & Safety Plan

What to Expect
BaseCamp / Crew Parking:

1510 E. Mendocino St.

Altadena, CA 91001

Your Health Safety Officer:

Jason Serrato
(323) 356-2002

G8Check (pronounced “gate-check”) has partnered with this production to assist them in developing a Health Safety Strategy for the project. G8Check is a Health & Safety Protocol Management company that has specialized in understanding the specific challenges in the entertainment industry. We at G8Check consider everyone associated with this project to be a partner in our collective efforts to make each day at work a safe one. We respectfully ask that you cooperate with our staff and understand that we truly are “all in this together” and that we consider your health & safety our utmost priority.

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There will be a CHECK-IN G8 at the entrance to the shooting location.

Please remember to maintain at least 6′ of separation at all times, and follow the directions for check in location.

Your cast and crew will be invited to fill out their pre-work survey to via email. After completing, they will be provided a QR Code to present to the G8 Agent. By filling out this survey ahead of time, the process of getting on set will be made faster. Everyone must provide this basic information as a prerequisite to reporting for work.

The G8Check Team, who will confirm receipt of your pre-work survey, take your temperature, confirm the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment is in place, and provide your badge. Your badge must be visible at all times.


Upon assignment of your Badge, it must be worn at all times while on location. Your badge represents protocol compliance and allowed entry to set. Non-compliance with safety protocols will result in badge removal.



1510 E. Mendocino St. Altadena, CA 91001


The Health Safety Officer (HSO) at your workplace is the lead of your Health and Safety Department. Your Employer has assigned the HSO to make sure that everyone in your workplace is adhering to the protocols of the Health Safety Plan. The training and certifications that your HSO has received qualifies them as a Covid-19 Compliance Officer (C19CO).  

thank you

We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Your safety is our priority.